ZON ZNBK-WXBL6 Weighted Exercise Ball 6 lb Fitness Equipment

ZON ZNBK-WXBL6 Weighted Exercise Ball 6 lb Fitness Equipment

The ZoN Strength Training Ball offers a new twist on a classic fitness tool that has been used for decades to develop strength, coordination and endurance. Traditional medicine balls are great for sport specific core training, and help increase strength and stamina. This new version is designed to bounce for partner or wall exercises, and the tacky feel assures the user a safe and secure grip. The ZoN Strength Training Ball provides a simple yet effective solution for your total body conditioning needs that offers the ultimate in versatility. This weighted ball enables you to target specific upper and lower body muscles with simple arm movements and holding positions. From upper and lower body strengthening and toning to core and lower back conditioning, this weighted ball is versatile, fun, and easy to use for all ages. Textured rubber surface for a sure grip. Easy-to-handle size lets you incorporate ball into a wide variety of exercises. Sand weighted ball bounces and retains its shape. Attractive silver, black and gray pattern. Durable construction for long life. ZoN. Strength training Ball 6Lb. UPC: 039364629053 MFG MPN: ZNBK-WXBL6
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