Wrong way at the beginning of occupations fitness.

Wrong way at the beginning of occupations fitness.

Article by Alex Frendly

Wrong way at the beginning of occupations by fitness.

1. To buy video cassettes and compact disks on which little-known instructors show complexes of physical exercises and urge spectators to repeat all behind them. Video fitness – a dangerous thing for beginners! It is a unitized mass product which eliminates one of the main components of good fitness: the live dialogue giving a psychological discharge and support. Besides occupations on holders and disks can be fraught with serious traumas. For example, many video gurus offer as initial position “lying on a back”. But for a similar pose there is a set of contra-indications. And any present trainer won’te at once that personally such pose doesn’t approach you. 2. To use anabolics, steroids and other rigid energetics for the sake of acceleration and result reduction in price. The good trainer never will allow to stuff to you itself with so-called auxiliary substances. In the first 6-12 months of occupations the organism only adapts for a mode of physical activities and the use of various “catalytic agents” gives huge loading on a liver. Generally, the liver of the first gets under shock at the use of steroids. But thus it is possible not only to “plant” a liver, but also generally to be transformed beyond recognition. In some types such “food components” add the forbidden substances. For example, methane which on the one hand develops muscles, but with another – under its influence cartilages start to grow, chins, noses, and sometimes are deformed during… One-two days! Reaches that people should change a photo in the passport as near relations cease to learn them even, without speaking about law enforcement officers. Many start to be engaged in fitness only to grow thin. Though since ancient times it is known that leanness is an illness. Weakness (leanness) always was a synonym of a word “illness”. Therefore, getting rid of superfluous kilograms, it is necessary to aspire to health, instead of to leanness. After all health – a fitness chief goal.

Never to lead up themselves to hunger and thirst – here a rule which the most advanced trainers in fitness adhere. After all at the first possibility the organism fills lost and starts to postpone “stores”. If feed an organism gradually during the day it not begins to postpone fat.

Don’t rise on scales in a week of trainings, on purpose to estimate results from occupations. The weight of the beginner first normally increases. It is connected by that “the revived” muscles weigh more than flasque or atrophied. Being engaged, track the muscles. Muscles should become efficient, instead of iron. Remember that within the first year of trainings of a muscle aren’t pumped up at all! In this time muscles come to a tone, being recovered after the stimulated idle time caused by an inactive way of life of the modern person. From this point of view the desire of beginners to test loading on the verge of possible silly enough looks, to work with weighting compounds and to select trainings of the highest intensity. To play from itself champions-body builders simply it is dangerous, as sheaves are absolutely not ready to similar loadings. All should transit gradually and was harmonic. No iron muscles for one month – or even for three – will appear. On natural “pump” year of occupations will leave, it is not less. Silly also sharply to change a rhythm of life and to start to walk in fitness club seven days in a week. It is important to adhere to a regime minimum. If three times a week try to hold such rate have started to be engaged. By the way, in what exactly to be engaged – it is not too important. If you prefer yoga or pilates walk exceptional on these occupations, ignoring force trainings in a gym it doesn’t mean that you aren’t engaged in fitness it means that you have found for yourselves its optimal variant. That the personal trainer, especially first, is necessary it is indisputable: independent exercises on training apparatus – occupation not only boring and confused, but also dangerous. Only to the professional under force to define loadings necessary for you and complexes of exercises, only the professional is capable to see your feeble places and to arrange loading so that not to injure you and not to discourage for ever to be engaged. The professional is necessary. Always it is useful to remember that all good begins with the simple decision – in something to become better. For example, to take care of the own life, the health, beauty, it is the good decision!

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