Would it be more beneficial to get a psychology or marketing degree?

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Question by Jay Zeigler: Would it be more beneficial to get a psychology or marketing degree?
I am currently pursuing an accounting and marketing degree so I can hopefully get in the marketing profession. I have heard some people say that a psychology degree is more beneficial than a marketing one. Is this true?

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Answer by Kyle
I would say Psychology.

With marketing you are limited to marketing.

With psychology you could eventually go into medicine, psychology (clinical), research (many fields including one of the highest paid research fields which is essentially a area in social psychology which marketing majors study to decide what to do with their products.

For an example of that last field in play.

There is a well known phenomonon called the “foot in the door” effect. Esentially, start with small requests (IE: “can I tell you about this amazing offer”) and build up to large requests “will you buy this subscription”).
Social psychologists did the studies to prove that works.

On top of that, if you are a male. Psychology majors are mostly women. I’ll tell you, I as a male had soooooooo much fun majoring in psychology because of that. granted I am attractive and smart so I was able to capatalize on the fact that in some of my classes there were 300 women and 5 guys.

There are many other fields psychology degrees can help you. Marketing is just really closed.

I suggest going with psychology. Focus on “social psychology”. And get a minor or double bachelors in marketing.

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  1. Donald B said,

    Wrote on May 30, 2013 @ 12:47 pm

    You must be kidding. You cannot do anything with a BA in psychology. You must get a grad degree to do anything in the field. If you want to go into some sort of business related field why in the world do you think an employer would hire someone with no business education? Do not believe everything you hear.

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