Women in Psychology… history?

Question by inkthebink99: Women in Psychology… history?
So I need some help on a topic for my sociology class….
Anything helps!! websites or just info you know!!

Topic: Women being wrongly diagnosed in the past. Ex. being diagnosed for insanity because of radical views… some where along the lines of gender bias in diagnosing….


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Answer by Bernard L
Talk about wrong diagnoses! You should have seen what psychiatrists were concluding about the nature of post partum depression / psychosis before the biological revolution in psychiatry. It was a mixture of half-baked Freudianism and anti- feminist baloney, for which they often prescribed shock therapy or prefrontal lobotomies or both. To get a good look at their view of psychosis in women and its treatment by your lovable pipe-smoking know-it-all psychiatrist, go dig up a copy of the film “The Snake Pit.”

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