Why Some of Us Help While Others Hurt? Explore Social Psychology Today

Why Some of Us Help While Others Hurt? Explore Social Psychology Today

Social psychology is study of how people think, influence, and relate to one another. Social psychology explores topics such as traits, attitudes, goals, as well as social norms and social behavior. Additional topics include prejudice, romantic attraction, persuasion, friendship, cultural and human diversity, helping, aggression, group relations, attitude formation, stereotyping, minority issues, conformity, and group interaction.

A successful social psychologist will have skills in analyzing and interpreting social research data as well as the application of those findings. Most programs in this area of psychology will give you a solid base in the study of psychology with a set of electives geared toward social psychology topics such as social institutions, social problems, ethical issues in social sciences, writing for social sciences, principals of social research and statistics for social sciences.

Careers with an Online Social Psychology Degree

There are many opportunities for employment open to social psychologists. With this degree you could teach or do research at a university or college. Most social psychologists are located in psychology departments but they are also present in departments such as business, education, marketing, communication, sociology, law and medicine.

Aside from academics, social psychologists work in the private sector, either as a consultant, marketing director, political strategist, technology designer or researcher. They server as trail consultants advising in jury selection, assist the trail team and test out mock juries. Additionally, social psychologists work in government organizations, working on education policy, environmental protection and conflict resolution.

As a social science analyst, social psychologists help on recommending policies designed to promote the security of the American people. As drug enforcement consultants, they help review research and make recommendations regarding drug control. Additional government positions include the center for diseases control and prevention, census bureau as well as the CIA/FBI.

Salary and Job Outlook

This degree program will prepare you for a wide array of career opportunities. As a result, it is hard to estimate the average income level of a social psychologist, as this will depend on the specific specialization, location and type of employment. Like in any other profession, those with a doctorate degree will earn the highest salary, far more than those with a master’s degree.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), social psychologists with a doctoral degree earned a median income of $ 92, 500. Additionally, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the job outlook for psychologists is excellent and expected to grow faster than average for all other occupations well into 2014.

Are Online Degree Programs a Good Idea?

Online social psychology degree programs have a number of benefits. They allow for great flexibility, and ensure that you can continue your education while working full time. Your life does not have to adjust around your coursework, your courses adjust around your life.

Online learning environments provide an academically stimulating, learner centered cooperative learning environment. In this type of learning model discussion, not lecture, is the primary method of knowledge distribution.

If you like lectures and a passive learning style, online learning is not for you. You have to have motivation and dedication in order to succeed in an online program. Consider your learning style carefully before deciding to enroll in a full time online degree program. If you are not sure if an online environment is right for you, test it out first. Try taking one or two online courses and compare them to your traditional learning experience. Online learning is not for everyone, for it to be successful for you, it must be comfortable and what you want to do.

Maja Aleksic has a doctorate in education psychology and has worked for both the Arizona State Department of Education as well as a prominent Arizona High School District. For more tips and advice on choosing the best online psychology degree program, courses and career opportunities go to [http://www.Select-Online-Degree.com/online_psychology_degree.html] for up to date education news.

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