Why does strength training improve muscular endurance?

Question by da8472: Why does strength training improve muscular endurance?
I used to think that one needs to train exactly what they want to improve. Want to get better at running? Then run. Want to do 100 pushups? Then do pushups. I recently read, however, that strength training via lifting weights, can improve muscular endurance. I take this to mean that if I attach to myself enough weight in which I can only do 8-12 pushups, then I will improve my ability to do pushups without weight over a longer period of time. Can someone explain why this is, or at least give me some stuff to read? I’m mainly looking for the physiological aspects of what’s going on. I’m also wondering if this can translate to running. Can lifting weights (with my legs, obviously), improve my running? For that question, let’s focus just on muscular endurance and assume cardiovascular endurance isn’t a problem.

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Answer by Allen K
your gonna make me work on this answer… ok. lets focus on muscle fibers first. the body is extremely conservative when it comes to weight training. using only the minimum amount of muscle needed to perform any given movement. so when the body encounters a resistance that these well used muscles cannot overcome, the body responds by tapping more muscle fibers to try and overcome said force. the training of these not often used muscle fibers helps increase their strength so that when your often used fibers tire out they can help pick up the slack. this is why people will train heavy weights low reps and build some big muscles off the plan.

i have also been told that the body will repair nerve connections to some muscle fibers after heavy weight workouts. that part sounds good but i haven’t really looked up much on that.

also there is hormones to think about. the more muscle available the more hormones and chemicals the body will produce. (think ATP). so runners will benefit from weight training. and remember some of the largest muscles in the body are found in the legs.

hope this helps.

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