Why did/do you want to go into the Child Psychology Field?

Question by Cupcake123: Why did/do you want to go into the Child Psychology Field?
I am doing research for a film and was wondering different opinions and reasons for you going into Child Psychology, thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

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Answer by Dont Nobody
its useful to understand how kids think because it gives us foresight on how humans learn and mature (they dont really mature…)

answer me?

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  1. Crysta Rose said,

    Wrote on March 3, 2013 @ 3:40 am

    I want to go into Child Psychology because I love children, I want to help them. And sometimes you really need to dig to find the problem, unlike most adults who just discuss what they feel the problem is. With children you can really bond with them in order to find out their problems instead of just asking questions. Children are very important because they are our future, helping them and making them understand things well benefit all of us. And I find working with children more fun because they are still innocent and creative inside. Even adults can learn so much from them :). ………And as a child I had family difficulties and I saw a child psychologist and felt much better after…if I could help just one child feel the way I did after I got help, then I’d feel like a better person.

  2. Lizzyyyy said,

    Wrote on March 3, 2013 @ 4:15 am

    I used to play on the playground in Elementary school and wondered why no one played with a certain boy. I was curious so I tried to talk to him. He was Autistic so he didn’t really communicate well. I didn’t know that at that age so I just kept trying to talk to him. After a few weeks he started talking to me and blew me away with a bunch of facts about different books he was reading. It started out as me thinking of him as a ‘project’ but then he became a good acquaintance. Everyone should have a friend regardless of their mental status.

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