why are some people lefties for some stuff and righties for other things?

Question by mustache smiley :-$ D: why are some people lefties for some stuff and righties for other things?
whats the psychology that determines this type of handedness and handedness in general?

for example i am dominantly right handed except i have to eat “backwards” and i play sports left handed (be it archery, racquetball, baseball. golf etc)– i am about 1000 times worse if i play with my right handed

i am not ambidextrous at all–i cant use both hands for anything–it is either one hand or the other?

i’m just curious about how it works and why it would happen

its all natural, not, for example, that someone “forced” me to change

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Answer by venom
My dads left handed so I’ve been brought up using the mouse in my left hand.

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  1. JohnnyB said,

    Wrote on April 6, 2012 @ 12:29 pm

    Handedness has nothing to do with psychology. Have you ever heard of right and left mindedness? If the right side of your brain is dominant, you’d be left-handed and vise versa. I think it’s something like 10% of the population that is left handed, or right brained. Is it possible that a left handed person is the first one that taught you sports? I’m left handed and do a lot of the things you mentioned right handed, and I’m relatively sure that it’s because I was “taught” to do it that way by a right handed person.

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