Which theory is this?

Question by Mhmm: Which theory is this?
One day I was outside watching the sky and just thinking. Somehow I began to doubt whether or not all the things we know including “reality” was even real. For example, if our bodies, illnesses, physical objects, and even intangible feelings were just a figment of our imagination. I’ve grown to believe in how powerful the minds of people really are. So what if the actual reality is that there is none, if only our minds existed and with those minds we managed to build everything that is from the supposed beginning to now. A bit contradictory don’t you think?
Anyhow, whilst I was discussing this idea with my sister, she mentioned that in her psychology class she learned about a theory similar to this. I don’t desire to find people who disagree with me and can shove sharp sticks through my (or maybe not) idea. I can find those anywhere I go and I wouldn’t need to go online for such things.
What I am looking for is what the orignial theory was and who by.
This topic just happened to catch my interest and I want to learn more about what my sister was talking about.
Thanks for any help.

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Answer by moonstruck
I dont know what the theory is but I’d like to say I agree with your idea.
I have had these thoughts myself while thinking about dreams and abnormal psychology such as schizophrenia and other mental disorders like that. It’s so fascinating to think of!!

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