Which degree should I do? Linguistics/Philosophy/Music/Psychology?

Question by Fi: Which degree should I do? Linguistics/Philosophy/Music/Psychology?
I’m studying French, German and Music A level.
I want to do something with German at university, maybe a joint honours course.
I’m interested in doing either Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics or Music with it, but I can’t decide which would suit me best.
I’ve never really liked science/maths, so perhaps linguistics and psychology would contain too much of these for me, but could anyone who’s done these degrees give me any advice on them? I’m interested in Philosophy but haven’t done it for A level so feel I don’t know whether it would interest me enough.
Can anyone help?
Thank you.

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Answer by Prunella Prunella
If you have so many languages i don’t think that Psychology is for you…Philosophy on the other hand might be and definitely Linguistics.

The question is what you want to be after finishing school?

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  1. ★☆Wabby✿❀ said,

    Wrote on April 20, 2012 @ 9:55 pm

    If I was you I’d do Psychology and Linguistics. But you’ve done Music at school so that might be something that you’re good at and enjoy, so might be worth continuing with?
    Psychology isn’t very science-y. I had to do a Statistics paper, but it wasn’t too demanding.
    Philosophy could be interesting, but I’ve heard mixed messages about it.

    Linguistics and Psychology would go really well together though.

  2. jesteele1948 said,

    Wrote on April 20, 2012 @ 10:07 pm

    You make it sound like you intend to spend your entire life in school.
    What are you going to do with the education you receive?
    Learn even more, without end? Teach? Produce something? If so, alone or with others? Research something that people puzzle over? Research some new idea you have? Work for others who want to exploit what you have learned? Work for others who intend to utilize your youthful energy or your proven ability to learn more? Some employers offer advanced education because the skills they require are taught in few institutions, but can be learned inside their halls.

    These Questions I pose to direct HOW you make your choices in education.
    It may be that you’ve already learned quite enough to pursue your LIFE goals that require learning. It may be that you now see you only require a small number of years getting an advanced education in one or two disciplines. It may be that your greatest excitement is to be obtained studying something you’ve not begun to learn about — something related to a hobby or a far-fetched interest not yet encountered.

    Even if you see that what you’ve learned already is useful as a trade or profession or area of research, don’t lose sight of the fact that in some occupations, further education might be open to you on a part-time basis, as an on-the-job experience, or explored in your spare time.

    You cold rephrase your question by telling US what you want to accomplish. To “learn” is just too nebulous.

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