Where to Find basic info on Freuds Psychoanalysis?

Question by mel w: Where to Find basic info on Freuds Psychoanalysis?
Just wondering if there are any suggestions on books, reliable websites or papers that have a basic introduction to Freuds theories. Something someone outside of the field could understand. Thanks a bunch.

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Answer by severus
You could try wikipedia. You could check the library. If Woody Allen wrote an autobiography, you could read that; as he has been in psychoanlysis for years. You could look up the terminology. You could search for critics. You have terms: id, ego superego, conscious, unconscious, Oedipus complex, electra complex, inferiority complex, transference, hysteria, et al. You could look those up. You could read his papers regarding his patients for whom there was no confidentiality, however. You would be surprised to learn that you have the ability to read and comprehend at an adult level, and don’t need to check the junior or teen section of the library.

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