What’s the psychology behind teens (13-18) having anger towards younger kids (9-12)?

Question by xJ_Sky: What’s the psychology behind teens (13-18) having anger towards younger kids (9-12)?
I’ve noticed this for a long time and always wondered what the psychology behind this is.

Whenever a young, innocent kid around the age of 12 makes a video on youtube it almost instantly gets a TON of hateful comments and dislikes. Even if the kid is somewhat clever and/or funny, there seems to be an instant bias against him because of his age.

I’m assuming it’s because the older kids leaving the hateful comments see themselves in the younger one and feel the need to bully that person in order to prove that they’re no longer their pre-pubescent self, which they feel negatively about.

It also seems to be 13-18 year old BOYS the majority of the time. Rarely girls.

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Answer by Secert.
I wander the same actually, I’m 18 and I always end uo being super mean and rude to middle schoolers, I assume its because I’m intimated, I wasn’t fpvery liked in middle school by my peers, picked on a lot! I assume its a defense mechanism, because its only middle schoolers I’m mean too.

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  1. wishnuwelltoo said,

    Wrote on March 8, 2012 @ 7:53 pm

    You are right, hurting people, hurt people. The older kids bully the younger ones because the mimic the behavior they witness at home. The older kids go home from school and get bullied and abused by a parent that is three times larger then they are and no one helps that child either. They mimic what they deal with at home. Ben Franklin said “a good example is the best sermon.” I wonder what happened to the good examples we were supposed to set for this generation. Bullies come in stages. Bullies, conduct disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, then sociopath

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