whats the explanation for this article??its all about human relation in bussiness?

an interdisciplinary study of social relations in the workplace that embraces sociology, social anthropology, and social psychology. The human relations movement presents a counterpoint to the scientific management view that focuses on maximizing the productivity and income of individual manual workers and on the separation of mental and physical work between management and workers. In contrast, supporters of the human relations movement believe that workers want to feel part of a team with socially supportive relationships and to grow and develop. Motivation, communication, employee participation, and leadership are significant issues.

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  1. Yaoi Shonen-ai said,

    Wrote on June 21, 2010 @ 3:26 pm

    Would you not say it is “self explanatory?” I read the question prepared to answer, but the statement says it all, unless you wish to clarify your question more.

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