What’s the difference between psychology and psychiatry?

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Question by Pixie: What’s the difference between psychology and psychiatry?
Which one is the one that’s basically like a counselor? And I know psychiatrist can prescribe medicine and psychologist can’t? But are psychiatrist still able to do jobs like counselling and talking to patients. I really need to know so that I can choose my major and career choice. I want to be able to talk with patients and be like a counselor kinda (like work in one of the therapist offices or a psychiatric home) but I want to be able to prescribe medicine if I need to.

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Answer by arshia a
A psychologist (psychology) does not have to go to medical school…they get a doctorate at their college…they are however limited in what they can do…they can only give therapy sessions and CANNOT prescribe drugs! –> COUNSELING!!!

A psychiatrist has to go to medical school and can prescribe drugs…they can also give therapy too!

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  1. xu said,

    Wrote on February 18, 2013 @ 7:18 am

    A psychiatrist can do anything a psychologist can do but not vice versa. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor specializing in diseases and problems of the brain. They do counseling just like a psychologist but can prescribe medicine. Psychologists mostly stick to people who are depressed, confused or have problems they need an impartial opinion on.

    Psychiatrists do this plus, they treat people with chemical imbalances, psychosis and other serious aliments.

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