What would psychoanalysis say about me not having dreams?

Question by Abdul Malik: What would psychoanalysis say about me not having dreams?
Well, Freudian psychology says that dreams are the gateway to understanding the unconscious. I was just curious what a psychoanalyst would say about me not having dreams. I used to have a recurring, vivid, frightening dream when I was younger, but these days I don’t have dreams (or at least, I don’t remember them when I wake up). Analyze!

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Answer by David S
Not sure what the analysis would be, but don’t worry everyone has dreams! What differs is whether or not you remember them when you wake up. I think there are probably some more ‘ordinary’ factors that might play into not remembering them like how tired you are etc. Also, the best way to recall dreams is to think about them just as you wake up. Happy dreaming!

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  1. B W said,

    Wrote on April 20, 2012 @ 8:26 pm

    I don’t know, cos I don’t dream either. The only dreams I ever do have are scary and horrible, so I’m glad they’re only a few times a year.

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