What should I major in to be a physican assistant?

Question by Brigitte: What should I major in to be a physican assistant?
I’m thinking of majoring in psychobiology. If that doesn’t work out then I guess biology. Which would be more beneficial? But it doesn’t really matter what my major is, right? Do I also have to take the GRE?

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Answer by ctsmrvn
A physician assistant does almost all of the same work that a full M.D. does, so any major which admits you to medical school should be fine. My understanding is that the only major difference between a “full M.D.” and a physician assistant is that the M.D. has hospital privileges while a P.A. does not, and an M.D. is licensed to perform surgeries, while a P.A. isn’t. Since you will be going to medical school, majors such as biology, chemistry, and any of their related fields should be fine.

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