What should I major in if I want to be a corporate/contractual lawyer?

Question by miuscuita06: What should I major in if I want to be a corporate/contractual lawyer?
I just started my sophomore year of college, and I still can’t seem to stick to one major in particular. I want whatever I major in to be something that I enjoy, but also has a practical application OUTSIDE of prepping me for law school, “just in case.”

So far I’ve either officially majored, or CONSIDERED majoring in:
-Philosophy with a concentration on law and ethics


-Communications with a concentration on human communication

-English with a concentration on teaching

and lastly

-Business (not sure if it would be management or administration, it just makes sense since i want to do corporate).

The problem is, I’m not sure that all of these would work, simply because I REALLY want to go to USC, and they like for their students to have courses on their transcripts that “require lots of critical thinking and research.”

I know that Philosophy requires a TON of critical thinking, but I don’t like it.

Can someone PLEASE help me????

Best answer:

Answer by noble8fold
Business would be the way to go. It leaves a lot of lateral movement as far as specific field of business you might lean towards if you don’t continue with law asperations. If you continue thru law school and want to specialize in corporate/contractual law it will be the most useful.

As far as making your choice of USC which is a great place to go, I would not change your major to fit what you think they want. Study want you really want to study and go to the best school that works out.

Finally, realize that a business major does in fact require critical thinking and research.

Good luck to you.

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