What makes a person more prone to mental illness?

Question by Coração: What makes a person more prone to mental illness?
In your experience, or if you are a psychologist, what factors contribute to a high likelihood of someone experiencing a mental illness?

And what factors will mitigate this?


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Answer by CaliGrlatHeart
Well for me it was my tragic childhood and the fact that my mother suffered from a mental illness as well. So seeing her lack the strengh to cope and seeing her fears, I guess you can say I learned some things from her unfortunately. Not that I wanted to but when your a child and you see your parent deal with a problem a certain way, you think in your head that, that is the best solution.

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  1. Jefferson said,

    Wrote on June 9, 2012 @ 9:10 pm

    There are many factors that contribute, but it is thought to be partially genetic. I am bipolar, as are my grandfather and my uncle, and I had a great aunt who was schizophrenic (I never met her, she committed suicide before I was born). Genetics certainly isn’t all there is to it, but people with a family history of mental illness are more prone to mental illness themselves, as is my case.

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