What is the psychology behind girls that have been sexually abused?

Question by Let Go: What is the psychology behind girls that have been sexually abused?
I was watching a movie “black snake moan” and the girl was sexually abued so she turned into the town slut. In real life cases jenna jameson was raped by her high school football team, and became a pretty big porn star.

Well whats the psychology behind this and why does it happen? Turning into insecure sluts part.

Detailed answers are much appreciated thanks guys!

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Answer by Julia
sleeping around and being slutty results from lack of self esteem and not caring… confusing sex for love etc

there is also a theory called “Trauma reenactment” where by the abused person seeks out and repeats the experiences of abuse….

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  1. David said,

    Wrote on December 7, 2013 @ 1:59 am

    The best and most complete SCIENTIFIC explanation of the mechanisms at work can be found in this FREE booklet you can read online:


  2. celestej123 said,

    Wrote on December 7, 2013 @ 2:45 am

    I love love love that movie in spite of, or perhaps because of, the controversy that surrounded it when it came out. It’s intense but very well done and has a great message. It’s interesting to me that almost every female and many males who end up in the sex industry seem to have been sexually abused at some point. I live in Los Angeles and I’ve talked to many people who have done porn, from a completely non-judgmental stance. I myself went through a few isolated instances of sexual abuse as a child, and while I didn’t end up in porn there was a period during my teenage years when I was shall we say, a bit promiscuous. Or maybe I just felt like I was because I was always viewed as angelic and innocent by almost everyone, I was a straight-A student, athletic, etc. But I cheated on almost all of my boyfriends. I feel like a completely different person now than I was back then, and I am a little ashamed of my behavior. The thing about sexual abuse is, it changes the development of the brain in a way that makes it hard to distinguish as an adult what appropriate sexual behavior is. It makes a person think that it’s ok to let others use and degrade them because of the trauma they experienced as a child. When a child is being abused sexually they feel absolutely helpless and when they grow up they want to take that power back by using their sexuality to get what they want. It’s this warped perspective that keeps them from realizing that they are continuing the cycle of abuse that they went through- Therapy is what helped me get over my past

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