What is the history of Media Psychology?

Question by BAMF(=: What is the history of Media Psychology?
Can anyone find a website for the history of Media Psychology? or give some information about it? best answers will get a thumbs but the one that i get the most info about will get the best answers

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  1. Ryan M said,

    Wrote on January 15, 2012 @ 6:55 am

    Media Psychology focuses on the roles psychologists play in various aspects of the media, including, but not limited to, radio, television, film, video, newsprint, magazines, and newer technologies. It seeks to promote research into the impact of media on human behavior; to facilitate interaction between psychology and media representatives; to enrich the teaching, training, and practice of media psychology; and to prepare psychologists to interpret psychological research to the lay public and to other professionals.

    Media Psychology can be described as the merging of communication and human behavior. It is central to understanding behavior with- in many disciplines, including, in part, technology; public policy and government; telecommunications; software; education; health care; and entertainment.

    Some of the roles Media Psychologists assume include: writing or being expert guests in various media; consulting with media personnel; researching ways to improve the media; making new technologies more effective and user friendly; using new technology to enhance clinical psychology; working in education or training; developing media standards; working in commercial fields; studying sociological and psychological media effects; developing material for challenged populations; working with deviant or criminal populations.

    Hope this helps in any way.

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