What is a good way to practice psychology?

Question by Luis G: What is a good way to practice psychology?
I am very interested in psychology and fascinated by how people react to problems and how they could and should react otherwise. I have no real qualifications but I did a fair amount of research and personally feel comfortable that I can realize how a person thoughts cause actions and reactions. I am only 18 years old and would like practice to see if I would be comfortable in this field of study and giving people advice seems to make me feel great, but only so many people I can approach with my ideas. Is there any way/ways to help this? It would be greatly appreciated

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Answer by 4HIM- Christians love
You say that you are interested in helping people. Did you know that you can tell people what to do and what is wrong in their lives and that they probably will not listen. It is very important to guide those with problems, to change their way of thinking, themselves. Jesus is the only One who can change anyone but, they have to be willing for Him to change them.

Yes, people react to how others react to their actions and reactions. When bad actions lead to someone getting attention, they continue the bad actions. The same is true with good actions.

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  1. Pillar said,

    Wrote on November 11, 2012 @ 11:14 am

    the best way is by just thinking a lot
    analyze everything.
    same method as philosophy; just think about human behavior for psychology

    good luck

  2. Raquelle said,

    Wrote on November 11, 2012 @ 11:16 am

    Look for mentally depressed people. -.-.

    No. But, just, keep giving people advice, help people out.If someone is sad, ask why, and try and get into their heads. Go on emotional disability support forums and hand out your advice, I doubt anyone will shun you there. Here’s one close to me…

    Think you can help anyone THERE?

    Study up on EVERYTHING psychological. From personality disorders to things other psychologists have experienced. Do your research and this WILL be practice. Take notes too!

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