What is a cool idea for a psychology paper?

Question by Derek: What is a cool idea for a psychology paper?
I have to write a paper on anything psychology related. Could you pleas list some good ideas to write such as interesting disorders that have been discovered or a cool study done. anything really that you find unique and interesting will help. thanks!

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Answer by Itachi
1. Anxiety Disorders.
a)social anxiety,
b)test anxiety.

2. Eating Disorders.

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  1. hordolmer said,

    Wrote on October 27, 2013 @ 4:51 am

    Basically everything is interesting in psychology.

    How older people have sex

    Diversion of responsibility (aka, if one person is present during a crime, they are more likely to help than when 20 people are present)

    Internet use for shy people

    Eye witness testimony

    Sleeping problems


    Learning disorders


    Conduct disorder


    Positive Psychology

    Death anxiety


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