What do you know about health psychology?

Question by traveler20: What do you know about health psychology?
And is it worth researching and knowing about?

This is for school!!

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Answer by Kris L
To me, ‘health psychology’ means that our ‘psychology’ can and does change our ‘health’ … if we feel ‘depressed’ and just ‘sit around’ we start to get physically ill … but some people, when they feel depressed, get up, and go out and ‘help someone’ who is worse off than they are. Suddenly they’re not depressed any more … they are generally healthier and get through ‘clinical depression’ much faster than the one who just stays home and sits on the couch, staring into space.
Do I think this is worth ‘researching and knowing about’? Yes, I do … the more that you can ‘learn’ through research, the better your own life is going to be … and when your life is better you will ‘know something’ and be able to ‘pass that knowledge on’ to someone else … as I am doing with you, here.

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