What crosses the line between mental illness and normal emotions?

Question by blahblah: What crosses the line between mental illness and normal emotions?
When I say mental illness, I’m referring to depression, anxiety, bipolar or personality disorders. What would cross the line between being sad and being depressed? Worrying all the time and anxiety? Moody and bipolar? When is it obvious you need serious help? How can psychiatrists and other professionals tell the difference in a patient?

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When it starts to negatively affect your interactions with other people, your lifestyle e.g. unable to attend work/school & causes serious distress to the person & others around them.

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  1. Gracinda said,

    Wrote on March 15, 2012 @ 6:20 am

    When the person has maladaptive behavior in a common social situation; when they cannot cope with their daily life; when they cannot work/go to school/leave the house/maintain normal family or love relationships; when they stop doing activities that they used to find enjoyable.

    There’s also the time element and related causes (is this for a few days every month during your menstrual cycle?; did your mother just die? : these aren’t considered mental illnesses typically.

  2. Milly Smith said,

    Wrote on March 15, 2012 @ 6:57 am

    I would assume it would be obvious plus symptoms its not as easy as saying someones moody there bipolar there are symptoms such as mania and depression. Just because your sad dosn’t mean your depressed. With personality disorders everybody has traits of them its when those traits are sever that they are a full blown disorder. For example;

    Person A – Has an argument with there boyfriend she screams at her boyfriend then cries, calms down, feels bad about it however appologise and all is fine. In there are traits of borderline personality such as misplaced rage.

    Person B – Has an argument with there boyfriend screams at them then goes into a full blown rage and may possibly become violent. The person then becomes depressed and possibly self harms however the next day she may feel better and appologises.

    Person B reaction is compleatly unwarrented and would be the full blown Borderline personality.

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