What colleges have courses and degree programs for parapsychology and paranormal studies?

Question by Lord Lobo: What colleges have courses and degree programs for parapsychology and paranormal studies?

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Answer by eri
None of them. That’s not a real course of study. Colleges only offer degrees in things that actually can be studied with results – no parapsychologist has ever found anything to study. As soon as we apply the methods of science to the paranormal, it disappears, as if it was never there to begin with.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t study these fields (although it does mean you won’t get a job for doing so) but you could go get a research degree (PhD, 8-12 years of college) in a related field, like psychology or physics, get a job, and then study the paranormal all you want (either in your free time or after getting tenure somewhere). But that’s a lot of work, and it tends to teach you how all that ghost hunting equipment really works and you tend to realize there is no evidence for any of that stuff, so most people either don’t bother with the degree or don’t bother with the paranormal after the degree.

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  1. psiexploration said,

    Wrote on October 14, 2012 @ 12:29 am

    The first link below will take you to the educational opportunities available in parapsychology.
    Click on the resources tab and then on educational opportunities.
    The field of parapsychology has had significant findings and replications consistently since the 1930’s and the experimental results are published in the appropriate peer reviewed science journals.

    Besides the ones listed at the first link Franklin Pierce University in the US offers a minor in parapsychology with an undergraduate degree in psychology.

    Paranormal is an umbrella term that covers everything from UFOs to Big Foot to Ghosts so any such degree would require education in several fields including biology, engineering, atmospheric physics, psychology, etc.
    Paranormal is an ill suited term for science because it is not a narrow enough term to indicate what you are actually studying. For that reason no college or university to the best of my knowledge offers courses or degrees in paranormal studies.


  2. PhenomInvestigator said,

    Wrote on October 14, 2012 @ 12:52 am

    Parapsychology is a science and is studied from a variety of disciplines from Psychology to Physics. There are various undergraduate programs that examine Parapsychology as practiced in the lab. This will require some study and a Master’s degree in your chosen field should be a minimum goal. Youill find further information at he Parapsychology Association website.

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