What can I major in that has to do with child Psychology?

Question by : What can I major in that has to do with child Psychology?
I want to learn about how children act around other children such as mental disorders and social psychology such as the behavior of boys v. girls.

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Answer by Jay
psychology, human development, education with a focus on children…it really depends on your school.

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  1. Psychology said,

    Wrote on June 2, 2012 @ 1:41 pm

    Hey, it’s great that you know what sort of work you want to do already. Psychology major’s don’t really specialize for the most part, usually you just earn a bachelor’s in psychology then do a specialty track in graduate school. There are definitely ways to tailor your psychology major to your interests though. There are classes and labs in developmental psychology and sometimes special topics courses related to child psychology. You might try becoming a research assistant for a professor who is doing work with child psychology (this would be a huge bonus in terms of preparing for graduate study). Also, you could try gaining relevant volunteer experience like working with a school counselor or day care center. You could also volunteer in a psych ward, most have a children’s wing.

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