What can I do with a masters in psychology?

Question by j: What can I do with a masters in psychology?
I’m a Senior in high school, and there are two things that I really want to do. I want to be a counselor for high/middle school, or I want to be an actual counselor for people with mental illnesses. If I have a masters in psychology would I have to take any extra steps for the second one?

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Answer by Cronus

A M.S. in Psych means your a therapist you would have to take a few classes to certify yourself to counsel kids.

If you got a P.hD in Psych you are considered a psychologist.

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  1. something said,

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  2. Invicta said,

    Wrote on March 15, 2013 @ 10:51 am

    Yes, you’ll have to also get earn your certification to be a counselor.

    You can easily google the requirements to become a counselor.

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