What are your opinions on getting a second bachelors degree in medicine?

Question by Michelle: What are your opinions on getting a second bachelors degree in medicine?
I already have a degree in psychology.
I want a degree that is more useful in terms of finding a job.

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Bachelor Degrees are not offered in Medicine. Even Pre-Med is not considered a major at most universities; instead, it is just a series of classes that are needed to be completed before going to Medical School. Just completing those classes would not lead to any better job outlooks. If you wanted something that would (possibly) lead to a better job outlook, try getting your CNA, then you could work as a Nursing Assistant. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend a second BA/BS because it will require a lot of time and money and probably not be that beneficial. If you are looking to do more schooling, go for a Master Degree, especially if you want to become a therapist some day. A Master Degree in Community Counseling would be very useful and would only take you two years to finish your courses. Then you’d have some internship hours to complete, but a lot of places offer paid internships, so it wouldn’t be bad at all. Then you would need to become licensed and you could start doing therapy. That would be much more lucrative than anything you’d find with 2 BA/BS Degrees!

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