What are the risks of taking cold shower after a heavy gym workout?

Question by BlueKnyght: What are the risks of taking cold shower after a heavy gym workout?
I live in the Philippines and it’s a tropical environment. Our diet is composed mainly of carbs due to our staple rice with a small pork/beef/eggs, & some vegies, in three times a day sequence. People here have been reported to have gotten ill, and some even died unexplainably when they took a cold bath after heavy work in the rice fields.

Such reports have existed nationwide since late 1500s (Spanish era), or earlier. Those who got ill nowadays, can’t be easily cured by modern medicine. Usually the symptoms are common colds, dry coughing, fever, (sometimes visible enlargement of veins of the limbs), and re-occurring chills and muscular pains.

Our doctors here have repeatedly denied any existence of such a disease that occurs after taking a cold bath while tired. They claim it is psychosomatic due to folklore of “pasma”, but the victims are usually non-believers, that’s why they did it and fell to it. (Or our medical experts are just too lazy to pay attention and do researches on this issue.)

The usual bathing procedure of Filipinos is not on tubs or showers like Westerners do. They have a pail or drum filled with water, where they scoop the water with a handled scooper called “tabo” and use it to pour water over their heads. They do this for wetting, then after soaping, scrubbing, and shampooing, they do it again for rinsing. Some of my gym-mates also claimed they got ill when they took a cold shower after our gym workout. Another case is my college bestfriend who washed her face with cold water after our exam review, and had eye-aches through the night. She complained of stiffening around the area of her eyes. When she looked at her eyes in the mirror one of the tiny veins below have enlarged and darkened.

I hope the aforementioned data is enough for someone to shed light on this issue. Does it have to do with race, environment, diet, nutrition, or bathing procedure? Or if there really such a disease, what is it really called in modern medicine? Many thanks in advance for your inputs. God bless.

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I think its easy to know about this by google

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  1. Kevin said,

    Wrote on April 1, 2012 @ 7:03 am

    I don’t think there is much risk in it, but your body might go in to shock could cause a heart attack depending on how cold your shower is.

  2. nil8_360 said,

    Wrote on April 1, 2012 @ 7:13 am

    First, if you work out and get really hot and do not adequately cool down before a shower then there could be some problems. My guess would be that pouring untreated water can get into your nose, eyes or mouth and cause a water born illness. Good luck to you.

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