What are some careers in psychology other than a psychologist?

Question by Amanda70: What are some careers in psychology other than a psychologist?
I love psychology and I am wanting to major in it in college. But I really do not want to be a psychologist. What are some other careers in the psychology field?

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Answer by Tanya W
If by psychologist, you mean you don’t want to do therapy, you can go into research or teaching. Honestly though, you can’t do anything with a bachelor’s in psychology. You really have to have a master’s degree at least. Psychologists have PhDs. There’s psychiatry, which you go to medical school for, and they can prescribe drugs, which psychologists usually can’t. You can also do organizational psychology, which deals with helping businesses be more efficient or help their workers be more productive. You can also go into education, or writing. Either way though, if you major in psychology, plan on doing grad school or you’ll be working in daycare or optometry, like me.

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  1. zuxende said,

    Wrote on September 8, 2013 @ 7:27 pm

    You can try Industrial/Organizational Psych. This would allow you to work with businesses and their employees.

    Here’s a website with more info.

    Good Luck to You!

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