What AP class is harder, AP Psychology or AP Statistics?

Question by : What AP class is harder, AP Psychology or AP Statistics?
I am taking AP Stats next year, but I may drop it for AP Psych. I want to know which will be harder and more work because my schedule is going to be difficult next year.

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Answer by Empire539
Those classes are totally different and it largely depends on your personal strengths and weaknesses in those disciplines.

For me, I found AP Stats easier because I’m more mathematically inclined. AP Psych felt more like a history class, and I’m not too fond of history.

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  1. O said,

    Wrote on March 20, 2012 @ 7:26 am

    AP Statistics is designed for students with experience in Trigonometry or Math Analysis. This is the class for students who enjoy reading, studying, and analyzing graphs.

    AP Psychology is designed for students who enjoy not only investigating the human senses, (the eye and brain are both extensively studied) but also the history of psychology as a whole. Freud, the 20th century philosopher, and Wundt among others are both studied the most. Memorization is key for this class.

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