What’s the Cost of a Personal Injury Claim?

What’s the Cost of a Personal Injury Claim?

Article by Jon George Fuller

Knowing the cost of a personal injury claim falls on the amount of damages an injured person endured. Damages refer to the financial, physical and mental losses an errant person (defendant) has inflicted on a victim of a personal injury (claimant). The claimant is entitled to receive compensation from the losses he sustained from a personal injury accident. A damage settlement can be made through agreement between the claimant and the defendant, or through a court order.

Compensatory and punitive problems are the two types of damages. Compensatory problems refer to losses that are usually valued in dollars. The defendant, upon agreement through negotiation or court order, should pay off the claimant the damages the former caused the latter. Compensatory damages can be divided into two: economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages pertain to the monetary damages the person lost at the event of the injury. These are measured in monetary units. Examples of economic damages are reimbursements for monetary losses in medical treatments, income, and property damage. The defendant, according to the settlement, must provide the claimant compensation for present and future treatments, as well as loss in wages (if the claimant is an employee) and on damages to property, e.g. if a car accident caused total wreckage.

Non-economic damages, on the other hand, pertain to damages that involve physical and/or mental alterations the injured person suffered on the aftermath of the accident. These are damages that impacted the injured person’s physical and psychological make-up, therefore initiating certain losses in their daily activities and relationships with other people. Examples of non-economic damages include pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of physical activity and loss of consortium.

Other than compensatory damages, there is also what is known as punitive damages. These damages are also related to the losses as in compensatory damages, but would lean much on the punishment the defendant should endure. The personal injury claimant can receive punitive damages from the defendant as a form of punishment for the defendant’s behavior all throughout the settlement or even from the onset of the accident aftermath. Punitive damages can cost the defendant around an eight-digit amount.Some personal injury victims do not know the cost of the damages that needed compensation. In order for them to determine what the claim is worth, they need to consult with expert Los Angeles personal injury attorneys. These expert lawyers are capable of winning their clients’ cases through careful analysis of the damages that will determine the cost of compensation.

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