Warrior Golf – How To Play – Volume II

Warrior Golf – How To Play – Volume II

Article by John Lynch

Do you think about leaving the golf ball below the hole when you plan your approach shots? The pros do…you should too. Why leave yourself a tricky downhill putt? Give yourself the best chance to par the hole, or even better, birdie the hole!

If you’re playing a dog leg right (the hole curves to the right) and you’re a right handed golfer, tee the ball on the right side of the tee box and aim for the left side of the fairway. This one strategy improves your angle to the hole and actually widens the fairway for you. If you push the ball right you will still be in the fairway because you were aiming left. Since you are hitting from the right side of the tee box, you will really have to miss left to be in trouble because you are using the whole width of the fairway.

You want the ball to end up on the left side of the fairway ideally for the best angle to the pin on a dog leg right. Just reverse this logic for dog leg lefts. Think smart and play golf like a warrior when you are on the golf course and watch your scores plummet!

Do you always go for the pin on your approach shot to the hole? There is a time for being aggressive, say when your 3 down with 4 to play. However, if you want to give yourself the best chance of shooting your best score, most times you want to aim for the center of the green…especially when the hole is tucked in a corner surrounded by water, rough, and bunkers.

Read on for some pop golf psychology…

Here’s a psychological technique Tiger likes to use when he’s in match play. Whether you’re playing with your regular golf partners or you are in a match play tournament, try this…Let your opponent out drive you so you can shoot first to the hole…hopefully you left yourself with your sweet spot distance from the hole that you can execute in your sleep. Then knock it on the green! This puts extra pressure on your opponent and he/she will probably hit a wayward shot…try this…it works!

Here is another psychological technique to use on an opponent who is trying to rattle you with gamesmanship. Just as the smart aleck is planning the shot, make an innocent comment about any trouble on the hole….such as: boy, look at how the sun is reflecting off that water hazard out there!…I guarantee you this; the water hazard will be the last thought in the knucklehead’s mind before he/she swings. :)

Play golf like a warrior…survey the golf course…plan ahead and play within your limits and your golf scores will fall like so many opposing soldiers on a battlefield!


Hit ’em Long and Straight!

John Lynch

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