View Insomnia from Psychological Aspect

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View Insomnia from Psychological Aspect

Article by Winter

Standing from a clinical point of view, the number of cases of insomnia caused by the physiological factors, disease factors, drug factors and dietary factors are far fewer than the number of cases caused by the psychological factors of disease. In summary, there are currently six categories of psychological reasons are recognized by the psychological community.

Psychological fears of insomnia-Many patients with insomnia have a “sleep phase characteristics of anxiety”. They are afraid of cannot fall asleep at night on a bed, or try to make themselves fall asleep faster, but they always get a counter-productive result at last.

Psychological fears of dream-Many people claim the reasons of insomnia are an inaccurate view of a dream. They think dream is a poor performance of sleep, it is harmful to our health and even some people mistakenly believe that dream means insomnia.

Self-blame-Some people get guilt remorse because of a fault. They might repeat negligent events in mind and regret his remorse had not properly addressed.

Anticipation: It refers to the person anticipate some people or something so that worry about oversleeping, which often appear early awakening.

The reproduction of childhood trauma-Some people lose their childhood because of accidental death of their parents, intimidation, heavy fines and other trauma, they are afraid of the emergence of the phenomenon of night so that they cannot fall asleep. This phenomenon can get better with age, but during the adult period, due to kinds of childhood trauma and it will be suppressed in the subconscious of childhood traumatic psychological reactions to reproduce, repeat the phenomenon of childhood insomnia.

Don’t Know what to do-Some people have been stimulated by unexpected events that lead to they cannot make the right response and don’t know how to deal with them so that indecisive, and after deliberation but still always in a dilemma, and uncertain state of anxious excitement.

According to these six categories of psychological reasons experts show us insomnia can be divided into three types.

Transient insomnia can just last for a few days. Maybe due to emotional excitement, or temporary mental stress or time difference, most people can spontaneously adjust it.

Short-term insomnia often lasts for several days to three weeks. This phenomenon often occurs on people who suffering from serious illness or under great pressure. They can use self-help psychological adjustment method or sleep psychologist.

Long-term insomnia can be maintained for several years, some people face the pressure can’t fall asleep. Usually doctors and psychologists work together to solve this problem.

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