Veterans Court to offer jail alternative for some

Clinical Psychology
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Veterans Court to offer jail alternative for some
… and will be evaluated over the course of a year by a UCSB student who is earning her doctorate in psychology. The student will determine success rates in areas such as reducing clinical symptoms of trauma, severity of addiction, and recidivism. …
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Hearing impairment doesn't hold Gottschalk back
She plans to study psychology or sociology, leading to a career as a clinical social worker. "It's my belief that those who are in the greatest need are least able to advocate for themselves." Waynesboro athletic director Derek McDaniel has nothing but …
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Rock climbing experts converge at UC for Research Congress
… the Department of Psychology at the University of Canterbury whose current research is focusing on human factors issues in search and rescue, including high-angle search and rescue and Dr Erik Monasterio, a forensic psychiatrist and Senior Clinical …
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