Various Types of Sexual Problems Affecting Men Life

Various Types of Sexual Problems Affecting Men Life

Article by Vanni Jain

Though sex is a normal activity of our life, still it is not being much talked about topic in our society. People do not want to talk about sexual problems in public out of shame. It is very difficult to get answers to all the questions regarding the sex and because of which people suffer a lot. Sexual problems in men and women are quite common and these could happen due to various reasons. Lack of knowledge regarding sex gives rise to problems in the society. Many children, teenagers and even the adults get abused sexually. The number of incidents of unwanted pregnancy, teenage pregnancy, abortions, broken families etc. is increasing in number and lack of sex education is the prime cause. To handle these social issues, the government is planning to start education children and youth about various aspects of sex.Here you will find some sex problems in men, the causes and how to handle them.Sexual problems in men are-1. Ejaculation problem or early ejaculation- The ejaculation happens immediately after the penetration or sometimes it happens before penetration. In some cases, the ejaculation happens during male orgasm and it goes back to urethra.2. Erectile dysfunction- During sexual activity, the penis does not get erected.3. Lack of sexual desire- There are many men who do not feel attracted towards the sexual activity.The sexual problems in men and women happen due to various psychological and medical problems. With proper sex education and counseling many of these can be taken care of. The causes of sexual problems are-1. Due to diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, hormonal imbalance, kidney or liver problems and neurological problems, such sex problems could be caused2. Unhealthy life style such as smoking, drinking and taking drugs is also responsible for these problems3. Many medicines when used for long terms have affect on the sexual life of a person. Using the medicines for anti-depression or anti-anxiety may cause sexual problems in people4. Excessive stress, work pressure, anxiety, lack of sleep etc. are other causes of these problemsThere are some factors which affect people mentally and cause sexual problems such as broken relationship, guilt-feeling regarding any past sex-related incidents, any kind of abuse; depression etc. could also trigger sexual problems. Such problems need to be identified and can be treated with proper sex education and counseling but some need medication. Many sex problems in men can be treated by addressing their physical or psychological cause.

With the help of this article author wants to tell you about various types of sex problems affecting men life. You can read more on sex problems in men.

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