Trying to FIgure out What profession I would like to do? teacher, psychologist, Principal?

Question by : Trying to FIgure out What profession I would like to do? teacher, psychologist, Principal?
im juggling a lot of career options and what to start college for, im thinking something to do psychology, or something in the school systems.

What will it take to be a school counselor? Education wise.
what education do you need to become a principal?
What would it take to become a physical education Teacher?
Is it hard to get a job in these fields?

What other options do i have if i decide to go witpsychologygy Major as far as career.

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Answer by Elphaba the Delirious
To become a principal, you must be a teacher first and work your way up the system. If I were you, I would become a teacher. From there any of the other paths are very achievable. As a teacher you often have to take the role of a psychologist in dealing with the kids issues, behaviour and backgrounds in the classroom, although it is often not as direct as a school counselor. If you become a teacher and find out you are really interested in the psychology side more, there are lots of options to develop that more, whether it be through professional development (if you still want to be a teacher) or further study at uni (to become a counselor).
(in QLD) To become a PE teacher, you have to either do a 4 year bachelor of education or a double degree of Human movements and education (4 years). Or you could do a degree that majors in something to do with PE and then do a 1 year diploma of education.
I don’t know much about studying psychology, however, so I do not know where else it could take you.
I would check out the courses available at the uni you want to go to. Often they state the job opportunities.
Best of luck with your decision!

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  1. miki said,

    Wrote on January 20, 2013 @ 3:03 am

    to be a school counselor you need a masters degree in school counseling. if you do this, make sure your program is CACREP accredited, then you need fewer hrs for licensing. go to and they will show a list of programs/colleges by state. a school counseling degree is a good way to go, because then you can work in a school, or get your LPC (licensed professional counselor) and work for a mental health office or go into private practice – you have twice the job opportunities. to be a PE teacher you need a minimum of a bachelors degree in education. to be a principal, you need to be a teacher first, and you would also need a masters or even doctorate in education.

  2. allukcatsbaby said,

    Wrote on January 20, 2013 @ 3:34 am

    In addition to what others said, you can also consider school social work (5 years gets the bachelors and masters and license) or school psychology (4 years plus 2 years masters plus 1 year internship) which pays around 60,000 a year.

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