Thyroid Diet Revolution Solves Weight Loss Battle for Millions of Americans Doomed to Diet Failure: Updated and Expanded Edition of the New York Times Best Seller

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 26, 2012

Half of all Americans are struggling to lose weight. Simultaneously, an estimated 60 million Americans one out of every five suffer from a thyroid condition. The frightening reality, however, is that the majority of thyroid disease victims don’t even know it yet, because they go undiagnosed. And even with a diagnosis, subtle thyroid imbalances can dramatically affect weight, making it difficult if not impossible to lose weight.

The Thyroid Diet Revolution (HarperCollins Publishers) takes previously unsuccessful dieters by the hand to finally overcome this major and frequently overlooked obstacle to weight loss.

In The Thyroid Diet Revolution, internationally renowned patient advocate and New York Times best-selling author Mary Shomon teaches readers how to cope with thyroid problems, balance hormones, raise metabolism, and ensure that thyroid problems dont get in the way of successful weight loss.

Shomons Thyroid Diet hit The New York Times Best Seller List, became a Top 10 seller on Amazons “Diet and Weight Loss” Best Sellers List, an Amazon Top 100 Best Seller, and was nominated for the prestigious Quill Award. The number of Americans diagnosed with thyroid disease has more than doubled sinceand thats just a fraction of the millions more who suffer without diagnosis or treatment. The Thyroid Diet Revolution identifies the many hormonal and nutritional factors that get in the way of weight loss and offers much-needed solutions.

Undiagnosed or poorly treated thyroid problems slow metabolism and destabilize hormones so much that it’s not only impossible to lose weight, but people actually gain weight on fewer calories than everyone else. People end up exhausted with no energy for exercise. Its a recipe for diet disaster.

For the millions of undiagnosed thyroid patients, diagnosis and proper treatment may be all that’s needed to successfully restore hormone levels and metabolism to normal and begin to lose weight. The Thyroid Diet Revolution features a detailed Symptoms Checklist along with step-by-step detailed guidelines on how to get properly diagnosed and treated.

The Thyroid Diet Revolution also explains:

1. why the majority of the almost 60 million Americans with thyroid problems haven’t been diagnosed

2. the 3 physical signs that almost GUARANTEE you have an undiagnosed thyroid problem

3. why doctors arent likely to test for this common diet saboteur, and what readers can do

4. why frequent “mini-meals” may be the WORST thing for weight loss efforts

5. a common-sense look at non-surgical weight-loss treatments, plus the latest on weight loss drugs and surgery

6. new and updated information on the latest supplements, herbs, and vitamins that enhance metabolism, improve energy, balance hormones, control blood sugar, and promote weight loss

7. customized exercise approaches from fitness expert and T-Tapp founder Teresa Tapp, that help fit fitness into regular daily activity, build muscle, and raise metabolism — without fatigue.

8. reviews and recommendations of the best commercial diet programs for thyroid patients

9. expert mind-body metabolism tips, incorporating the latest in nutritional psychology and neuroendocrinology, to rewire the brain for controlling appetite, balancing hormones, and raising metabolism, along with an integrated diet

The Thyroid Diet Revolution also features the latest findings on the role of hormone balance including thyroid, adrenals and reproductive hormones in effective weight loss, and cutting-edge information about hormone resistance including insulin resistance and leptin resistance and their impact on weight loss. National Academy on Hypothyroidism founder and nationally-esteemed hormone expert Kent Holtorf, MD is one of the leading medical experts featured in the book.

We are facing dual epidemics of both thyroid disease and obesity, yet the medical establishment seems determined to ignore this crucial connection. Undiagnosed or improperly treated thyroid problems sabotage the most rigorous diet and exercise programs. The Thyroid Diet Revolution helps dieters level the playing field, and finally gain control.

Mary Shomon transformed her own health challenges into her current role as an internationally-renowned patient advocate, founder/editor of a series of health newsletters, and as founder/editor of the internets most popular thyroid websites,, and Guide to the Thyroid site, She has authored numerous best-selling books on thyroid disease and hormone health in the US and worldwide, and is a member of the American Society of Health Journalists.

More information on The Thyroid Diet Revolution is featured at the books website,

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