Therapist Creates Relationship Coaching Program for Couples

Ann Arbor, MI (PRWEB) May 25, 2011

Glenn Burdick, MA, LMSW teaches the secret keys to a thriving long- term relationship through a new innovative coaching program called The Next Step Forward. After thirty years of counseling couples, I have seen how couples on their way to breakup or divorce could have avoided the downward spiral if they had worked on their relationship in particular ways earlier. I created my coaching program to help couples make an OK relationship thrive, and avoid accumulating ill-will and behaviors that act as nagging irritants before they become full-blown relationship deal breakers. Most couples are unaware of these behaviors thatif continued unchecked, are likely going to erode a relationship to the point of no return, Burdick explains. Burdick teaches couples alternatives to these behaviors, ones that will help them deepen their connection to each other, while avoiding the mistakes that predictably lead to couples disengaging from one another over time.

Couples may not identify certain patterns as problems because things still seem good enough. However, the nagging feeling that things could be better is a warning sign, and an indicator that a brief coaching experience may enable them to avoid becoming worn out from years of defensive, disconnecting behavior patterns. It is critical that couples learn how to turn conflict into connection, and avoid leaving each other with the impression that their feelings, wants and needs arent important to their partner, or that they are insignificant or invisible to their partner, says Burdick.

When a couple begins to regularly engage in what acclaimed researcher John Gottman, PhD, calls the four horsemen of the apocalypse, they are almost certainly headed for trouble. These behaviors include criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling. Catching issues early on afford a couple simple solutions. Waiting to get help until the end of a relationship is in view, is like waiting until your cars engine seizes and then deciding to have the oil changed, warns Burdick.

Designed by Glenn Burdick, The Next Step Forward is a relationship coaching service, requiring an hour of a couples time, and can be conduced from anywhere in the world via phone or Skype. By filling out an online questionnaire based upon the idea of a collaborative marriage, the couple engages in conversation, facilitated b Burdick, in which each of their views of the relationship is superimposed, creating a relationship map. The map outlines obvious relational strengths. Burdick assists the couple to build on their positive strengths, and helps them to identify small changes that will make a significant positive difference. Couples develop an action plan based upon these changes. Enrolling in The Next Step Forward is a powerful step to help strengthen couples relationships.

Glenn Burdick, MA, LMSW, is a former health columnist for the Ann Arbor News. He is a personal and relationship coach, a marriage counselor, and a psychotherapist with 30 years outpatient mental health treatment experience with mood disorders, relationship problems, psychosomatic and stress-related disorders, PTSD, chronic pain and chronic illness. Burdick has been in private practice since 2000, was the Director and Co-Founder of the Institute for Psychology and Medicine from 1980-2000, and the Director and Staff Psychotherapist, Rehabilitation Health Center from 1986-2000.

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