The importance of names and dates in AP Psychology?

Question by sk8tbrdswdtw: The importance of names and dates in AP Psychology?
I’ll be taking the AP Psychology test without taking the actual class and I was wondering how important the names and dates were. Will I have to know the dates in which certain theories were born as well as the dominant belief of the time?

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You will need to know names and associate the names with their appropriate theories (i.e. Cognitive development stages and Piaget). You don’t really need to know dates… in fact, I don’t think you need to know dates at all. I didn’t have to know dates at least.

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  1. IT's A Da Me said,

    Wrote on May 8, 2012 @ 7:27 pm

    Never took the AP test, however the names are fairly important, for the reason that many psychs had different ideas that were dichotomous in the study. Dates are fairly important but not as much, as long as you know about what time (i.e. 50’s or 20’s). Yes, you’ll have to know some of the groundbreaking theories of the time, and their significance now. The test will be very broad and I see no way of studying it easier than just going through basic psych 101 books.

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