The Importance of Followup in a Home Based Business

The Importance of Followup in a Home Based Business

As someone who’s been involved a number of years full time in a home business
I’ve heard it said over and over again the expression “The fortune is in the followup!”

While not disbelieving this statement it always seemed like another one of those stupid cliches
Used by your network marketing upline to motivate their people when nothing else was working
(Mainly because they were in a deal who’s opportunity had come and gone). Yes Virginia just like stocks and investments the opportunity to make real money in a home based business opportunity has a window that opens and closes (usually for good in terms of making financial freedom type money). However, for the learned there are plenty of opportunities to do extremely well. However, that’s the topic for another discussion.

Followup in a home based business or any business for that matter is physiological as much as anything else.

Consistent followup accomplishes several important things.

First every follow-up re-enforces in your prospects mind the validity of your product and/or business. Remember virtually all prospects are skeptical the first time they hear about a product. With each additional exposure a prospect becomes more comfortable with trying your product. Especially when the product is presented in a neutral or favorable light. Depending upon the type of marketing many experts claim a person must be exposed at least 5 times to a product before they will purchase. The least personal the exposure the more exposures required.

Second – virtually everyone and everything is in a constant state of change over time Each new followup puts your message in a front of a potentially new set of circumstances with your prospect. What wasn’t important 30 or 60 days ago could today become forefront in your prospects mind overnight.

Last, but not least is the physiological aspect of follow-up. Each time you followup with a prospect in a home based business you’re in effect telling them your product really works.

Reason being most people are skeptical anyway and subconsciously think if they never hear from you again after your initial contact that your product wasn’t very good. On the other had the opposite is true – each time they hear back from you they subconsciously think. “Gee there must really be something to your
product or he/she wouldn’t keep contacting me.”

Now let me say one last thing about following up with your prospects and being persistent.

There is being persistent and there is being a pest. You can be persistent without being a pest. You never want to be a pest. Here is how you can be persistent without appearing to be a pest.

When following up with someone – never just email or say to them, “I was just checking with you to see if you’ve had a chance to go over the information I sent you previously.” This is being a bore and a pest.

Whenever you followup with someone always have some new piece of information to present to them about your product, etc. You want to be like a poker player, always keep a trump card to play. Never expose everything you have at first – with your first contact. Always keep several pieces of information about your product or business for exposure later. Of course you’re in the cat bird’s seat if you’re fortunate enough to be marketing a product or service that’s hot and consistently in the news. Conversely it’s a little tougher to come up with new information when you’re marketing a non-news making product.

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