The Common Panic Attack Triggers

The Common Panic Attack Triggers

Panic attack is a common state of the mentality for a certain period of time that affects the physiological aspect, mildly or intensely depending on the situation. Psychologically healthy or not, panic attack can strike you any time of the day, anywhere.

However, it is important to know that this state does not necessarily arise from genetics or biotic origins. It is not caused by a certain condition in the body like a disease or bacteria like some mental disorders. As a matter of fact, panic attack cannot be called mental disorder at all, unless it worsens from the state of frequent to regular attacks. If the opposite is true, then everyone has a tendency to have a mental disorder.

There are different triggers for having this episodic intense fear. Nevertheless, these triggers do not cause the attack per se; but cause the response of the human body, which results to the onset of fear. Here are the common triggers for this that you should be wary of.

1. Depression

Depression is not the source of every attack. However, this is a good breeding ground especially if the person is brooding over a certain despairing part of his life for over a long period of time. Depression makes a person think of so many things that will give fear. With the fragile emotional state of the person, the episodes can begin anytime.

2. Trauma

It can be a dangerous situation or a series of incidence imbibing fear to the person. If you have a certain traumatic experience, do not associate the past with what is happening now. Combining all your traumas may result to this case if not handled properly.

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