The Best Forensic Psychology Degree for You

The Best Forensic Psychology Degree for You

Location is often one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a psychology school. However, many people have a particular passion, knowing exactly what field of study interests them. These people need to go where that specialization is offered, no matter the location. One such enticing field of psychological study is forensic psychology, a degree which will allow successful graduates to work in a variety of legal areas. People interested in a this psychology degree can work with law enforcement officials, jail and prison settings, court houses, social work and much more. This exciting degree can be part of preparing you for a career specifically in psychology, or simply making you a more well-rounded candidate for positions in policing, law or even the FBI. To embark on a career in this psychology area, you must begin by knowing the best psychology schools around the country.

A Sampling of Forensic Psychology Schools

The American Board of Forensic Psychology is a major accrediting body in the field. When choosing the best forensic psychology degree for you, consider whether a program with this certification is necessary for you, then check to see if this, or another organization like APA, has accredited the program. Always choose a school with regional accreditation. There are dozens of schools around the country that offer psychology degrees at various levels of education. From location to entrance requirements, each program has features that make it stand out as unique. Following is a list of forensic psychology degrees, including their location and a bit of information about that program:

Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, Illinois offers a master’s of arts in counseling psychology, with a forensic specialization. In 2007, Adler received the American Psychological Association Board of Educational Affairs Award for Innovative Practices in Graduate Education in Psychology.
Argosy University offers an online degree with programs including a master’s of arts in psychology, along with specializations in homeland security, assessment and treatment.
California Baptist University in Riverside, CA offers a master of arts in psychology.
Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers online masters and graduate certificates in forensic psychology.
Fairleigh Dickenson University in Teaneck, NJ offers a master’s degree in psychology.
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in Boston offers a PsyD in psychology, a relatively rare doctorate program.
Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI offers criminal justice and psychology degrees, at various levels.
University of North Dakota has an online master’s degree in psychology.
Waldon University offers an online master’s in forensic psychology, with a focus on program planning and evaluation in forensic settings.

Choosing the best psychology degree can be challenging. When making the decision look at whether a specific specialization or joint degree is best for your particular career interests. Be sure to understand any subtle distinctions between criminal psychology, criminal justice and forensic programs, so you are sure to get the specific education that you desire. Also, consider that clinical psychology PhD programs can be a good choice for a career in psychology, particularly if paired with a certificate in criminal justice.

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