Surprise Meeting At The Audio School Sydney

Many people describe me as a very friendly person and I believe they are right. I have a lot of friends not just here in the country but all across the globe. When I decided to move to Australia and leave all of my friends and family in the US, I was not afraid because I know that I can easily adapt myself to new place. I have no problem adjusting with people because I have a very positive character. I don’t take things even criticisms negatively. To me, they are just honest opinions from people and I believe it’s better to know what they think about us than assume that they are okay with us. Nevertheless, my migration to Australia went well. I met new friends and even found a new interest – music production and audio engineering. I never thought that I have such inclination to music. After a year of staying in Australia, I finally told myself that this is the place where I want to spend my whole life with. In addition, I enrolled myself in an audio school SydneyAustralia Recording connection, because I want to have proper training and education. And guess what? I met my elementary classmate back in the US in the audio school. What a small world don’t you think? She used to be my childhood friend and my buddy. I know that she moved to Australia when her parents divorced and her mom married her Australian stepdad but I never thought we’ll met again!

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