Study Through Graduate Counseling Psychology Programs And Treat Trauma Patients

Study Through Graduate Counseling Psychology Programs And Treat Trauma Patients

Article by Natasha Bright

If you are interested in Psychology, a Bachelor’s degree is generally not enough. While candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology are eligible for a few types of positions, competition for these jobs is prohibitive. In order to become a clinical Psychologist or explore most other careers in the field of Psychology, you will need to get a doctoral degree. A doctoral degree will be necessary for anyone wanting to work with patients or in a research setting. Depending on your ultimate goals, perhaps a graduate degree in Psychology should be your next step.

One option is to pursue your Master’s degree in Psychology. You cannot become a clinical Psychologist with only a Master’s degree, but you can become an Industrial-organization Psychologist. These employees work for a company to apply principles of psychology to the organization of labor. As an Industrial-organization psychologist, you would counsel employees and work to improve their quality of life, which in turn enhances performance. Another option with a Master’s degree is to become an assistant to a Psychologist.

For most careers in Psychology, you will need a doctoral degree–either a Ph.D or a Psy.D. Getting into a doctoral program in Psychology is very competitive. If you do not have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, you should have a strong background in science, math, and social sciences. Only top students are selected to enter these challenging degree programs.

Expect to spend at least five years of full-time study to complete your doctoral degree. You may participate in a post-doctoral year of supervised work experience, as well. In order to graduate from your doctoral program, you will need to complete a dissertation.

The American Psychological Association, which deals with counseling and school psychology, accredits doctoral programs as well as internships in psychology. If you are going to become a school psychologist, The National Association of School Psychologists and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education approve related graduate programs.

With a doctoral degree, you will have many options. Most graduates go on to become clinical Psychologists. Clinical Psychologists assess and treat mental disorders. Many are self-employed in a private practice, but others work in hospitals, counseling centers, and other health care facilities. You could also choose to be a Developmental Psychologist, a Social Psychologist, or a Counseling Psychologist. Finally, there are many opportunities in the field of Psychological Research, which require a doctoral degree in Psychology.

Before embarking in a Psychology degree program, be sure you are a good fit for a career working closely with patients. Psychologists are special people who are intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, and understanding. Because your work will involve interacting with emotionally or mentally ill patients, you should be both professional and caring in your interactions with others. Not everyone is right for this demanding work, so keep that in mind.

Becoming a Psychologist is both interesting and rewarding for many people. You will also have great potential to make a difference in the lives of others. An excellent graduate program in Psychology can help you to achieve your career goals. If you need a flexible schedule or can’t afford the time or money required to go to a regular campus, consider the benefits of an online graduate school. Grad Schools Online is a great resource for students to find the school with the best Psychology education around. Apply to graduate Counseling Psychology programs if you wish to offer assistance and treat patients who have been traumatized to overcome past events.

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