Stanley Coren – Animal Communication: How to Speak Dog

Since the time of Darwin scientists have been trying to understand how animals communicate. Today, psychologists know enough about this process so that it can be applied to allow you to understand the language of your pet dog, or even your pet cat (who speaks a somewhat different dialect). Stanley Coren is a psychology professor and neuropsychological researcher who has become best known to the general public for a series of books regarding the intelligence, mental abilities and history of dogs. Through television shows and media coverage that has been broadcast in Canada and the United States as well as overseas, he has become popular with dog owners, while continuing research and instruction in psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia.
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Bart Ehrman Misquoting Jesus 2

A fascinating (if you like this kind of thing) lecture on the errors that came into the Bible after its invention. This event took place at Stanford University in 2007. It would be easier to follow the playlist, if you wish to watch the entire lecture and Q&A session. Edited version here: Earliest fragment of copy (P52) and palaeography Estimating the numbers of mistakes Yes, I am an atheist, so I consider the entire flawed text (and those that followed upon it) to be a work of fiction. Specifically, to be an internally inconsistent work of fiction with highly dubious moralistics. Nevertheless, the history of religions and the psychology of religion are very interesting topics. Bart D. Ehrman is the author of more than twenty books, including two New York Times bestsellers: Misquoting Jesus and Gods Problem. Ehrman is the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and is a leading authority on the New Testament and the history of early Christianity. website:

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  1. stuntard said,

    Wrote on June 20, 2012 @ 7:30 am

    thanks for not showing the pics :'(

  2. vampirewolfeh said,

    Wrote on June 20, 2012 @ 7:47 am

    This helped me alot thanks!

  3. nintendogsbreeder117 said,

    Wrote on June 20, 2012 @ 7:48 am


  4. TheShenergy said,

    Wrote on June 20, 2012 @ 8:28 am

    Thank you Professor Coran. I have some of your books… The pawprints of history and How to speak dog are 2 of my favorites… Thank you, you helped me understand my Gizmo Lab Huskey X…. We truly do communicate… XO from the Kootenays

  5. TheTriangleOfDestiny said,

    Wrote on June 20, 2012 @ 9:06 am

    youre nuts

  6. ProphetGuardian said,

    Wrote on June 20, 2012 @ 9:31 am

    Just got finished reading Coren’s “How Dogs Think”. Type his name into youtube to see what he looked like.

  7. Lookie2020 said,

    Wrote on June 20, 2012 @ 9:44 am

    Coren attempts to study dog behaviors through human psychology. He only makes Cesar Milan the PhD of Cynology, and makes all european dog-sport trainers PhDs of Cesar Milan.

    Novice and CKC material.

  8. astrophil79 said,

    Wrote on June 20, 2012 @ 10:24 am

    It’s a good talk. But we need to see the projected displays too.

  9. scotttebben said,

    Wrote on June 20, 2012 @ 10:50 am

    Talking to a christian is like talking to a fish. There is nothing there but glassy eyes. They open there mouth and down the rabbit hole we go. Delusion has griped it’s claws to deep for reason to release them. They want to be Wonderland.

  10. arshsingh1984 said,

    Wrote on June 20, 2012 @ 11:21 am

    interesting lecture; the speaker kind of reminds me of john hodgeman from the daily show

  11. wowamonn said,

    Wrote on June 20, 2012 @ 11:45 am

    I use to be a Christian myself but after reading Mr Ehrman’s books and listening to him in debates I am know longer a Christian and I must say I feel so much better as if a weight was taken off my shoulders.

  12. anderebiste said,

    Wrote on June 20, 2012 @ 12:35 pm

    Yes. I think that the entire lecture is fascinating.

    Ehrman is very politic about not being drawn into questions of theology.

    It’s interesting that evolutionary biologists adapted the “lineage” techniques of scriptural analysis into relational analyses of mutations.

  13. Rhonda9 said,

    Wrote on June 20, 2012 @ 1:26 pm

    So interesting about the P52

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