Spotting a Compulsive Liar

Spotting a Compulsive Liar

What exactly is a compulsive liar – And what is the difference between this and a day-to-day liar? Maybe something to consider first is our own deceptions. Yes, that’s right YOU lie too. I lie as well, we are all guilty of this at some point – however, we really try not to, and struggle with it when we do lie. So if you think you are sincere most of the time, what is a compulsive liar in contrast? Well, the most apparent thing is they lie, time and again, as a routine, devoid of the same thought processes we go through if we ever lie.

Before we get into methods to notice a compulsive liar though, we also need to consider the difference between a pathological and a compulsive liar as these two types are not the same. However, people usually use them without differentiation.

A quick run through:

Compulsive liars will tell untruths for no overarching personal outcomes, they simply do it habitually. It is a ingrained reaction to being questioned that they have learned over time. The do however recognize they’re being deceitful and are more often than not conscious of the effects of the lies. It is just that they cannot stop themselves from doing it! Sometimes this is a sign of lack of self-confidence and low self worth, so they tell lies to shield or promote them self.

Pathological lying is a bit different because the liar cares little that they are being dishonest and will lie to you for personal gain. They are like a sociopath in many respects and do not give a stuff about who they damage as long as their lying gets them what they need. To spot a liar who is pathological is awfully tough!

So, how do you spot a compulsive liar, and what is to be done with them?

People who are so accustomed to lying have the unfortunate ability to prevent letting slip several lying signs. It’s either a trained effect to not reveal some cues to lying, but more distressingly it may be because they begin to believe the lies they tell. This means they are a good deal more difficult to detect in a conversation from observation, but not impossible. One can find a couple of things that compulsive liars do from watching them for a short time such as:

Too Much Information – Compulsive liars will not just lie, they often lie In a big way with a great many details.
Self Esteem Booster – Many compulsive liars wish to enhance their sense of self esteem and will lie to you to make their life appear very good. This is just about a plague on Facebook where people post just their best pictures and update their status all the time promoting a fake life
Talking Themselves Down – Some liars will lie about how tragic life is for them. This really is quite different and is about getting the focus on them so people console them, or at least put them at the center of attention.
Contradictions – This is the main factor in recognizing a compulsive lair. As time passes their deceits will begin to not add up with each other and their fakeness will be discovered. Calling them on their deception might sound like the way to act, but it can force them to create even nastier lies, or they might get outraged and aggressive.

So there you have it, everybody lies – some lie for personal gain – and some people cant help but lie. The last is the compulsive liar [] and can be detected, but some are more of a case for pity than anger. You should be more worried about the pathological liars though as they will be merciless about lying to target you and cut you down.

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