Should i be a teacher?what made you want to become a teacher?

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by hawaii

Question by John: Should i be a teacher?what made you want to become a teacher?
im a junior in high-school and i have a B average. ive always wanted to enter a career where i can help others. Medicine and Psychology interest me and yet i cant help but feeling thats not for me. when teaching came to mind i was torn in yet another indecisive direction. so please tell me why you became a teacher and was it worth it?

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Answer by Costin Mihnea Hilohi
Hi, there! Be just curious, dear fellow! Don`t let yourself driven into one wish or another… The time for your best choice will come ONLY after having checking how much you want to sacrifice for that, not before, as a plain dream! So, don`t dismay yourself and don`t get to easily “jumpy” when it comes about your career.
B average is not a problem (but a B average character really is!)
I simply liked how I interacted with pupils (youngsters or children) and I hoped I could change some “not very good things” in their minds. But it was just an opinion…
As for answering if “it was worth it “or not..this is a delicate matter: “Doing what you have to do” could be taken in these terms?…
Keep experiencing and, once in a while, let me know about it, will you ?
All the best!

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