Sexuality in Old Age, Lets talk about Physiological and Psychological changes

Sexuality in Old Age, Lets talk about Physiological and Psychological changes

Article by Adrinna Smith

Although age imposes physiological and psychological changes that alter sexual response of older women, stimulation effective partner communication and adequate care can be achieved very encouraging intimate sessions instead of generating avoid painful sensual encounter.

Social and personal factors conducive to complex develop mature women, denial, guilt and changes that hinder its normal functioning as far as sexuality is concerned, being that it is a land that belongs by nature without time limits. That’s right: in spite of prejudice, sexuality in old age is a fact that, far from refusing, begins to be assumed as a reality and necessary for good physical and mental balance.

The woman with 60 years of age or older are in a special period of their existence which is very susceptible and easily influenced by the social environment around them, it rarely assumes that each person’s sex life is as long as its very existence: family, religion, media or other environments often influence negatively on the intimate relationships of older females, who were enjoying their sensuality naturally even before menopause.

Unfortunately, many women leave suggestions by the sea of ideas around them, also because your body undergoes changes that affect their personal life and can even transform what were once strong emotions at times painful.

Also commonly thought that the lack of capacity for procreation is synonymous with decline in sexual interest until it is minimal or disappears, this situation often creates stress and anxiety in the elderly woman, who thinks everything is sensual encounter abuse and unnatural. However, the continuity in intimate relationships as a source of happiness, pleasure and expression of a mature and loving human relationship persists and is not harmful.

Sexual activity should be understood as a natural force, positive and encouraging, in the life of the couple, after all, what is sought is to share emotional experiences, family, cultural, political or religious, and intimate contact is an ideal which keeps interest, affection or closeness with the partner.

Hormonal changesThe climacteric, which starts with the last menstruation or menopause, is characterized by marked decline in the production of sex hormones and, consequently, the onset of physical ailments. It is true that intercourse can be painful in the penetration phase, or being very long, it causes burning sensation in the genital region, pelvic pain, abdominal discomfort, irritation or pain when urinating, symptoms can persist up to 2 or 3 days after the relationship, and usually are due to the reduction of elasticity in the vagina or thinning of the walls that cover (mucosa).

At the same time, other factors contribute to the discomfort women: lubrication decreases gradually or times to achieve it is longer, the labia of the vagina reduce its thickness and uterine contractions become annoying. As the clitoral, the response to the excitation remains as in adult women, but suffers a contraction faster after orgasm.

Despite this, there has been time and again that the woman has a normal orgasmic level, particularly if exposed regularly to effective pacing, either through intercourse or through masturbation.

Furthermore, when problems are severe, can resort to medical treatment with hormones, while eliminating hot flashes, nervousness, irritability, emotional, mental instability, headaches or other symptoms of menopause that may adversely affect the maintenance of libido (sexual desire) or cause sorrow for fear of losing attractiveness, femininity and even interest in sex.

Surgery and drugsOther factors that can trigger the painful emergence of intimate relationships, less in the body, but emotionally. It is for surgeries like hysterectomy (removal of the uterus or womb) or mastectomy (total or partial surgical removal of the breast), as body parts that are considered essential femininity are altered. In this regard, we mention that the women more emotionally traumatized because of this belong to social strata with less access to objective information, so that reliable data is the best tool to eliminate prejudice concerning the subject.

In this regard, it is known through various statistical studies that 54% of women who have undergone this type of surgery experience no change in sexual desire, and even this is increased by 20% of cases, because it is women before surgery suffered bleeding, pain, fear of pregnancy or other factors that lead to insecurity or emotional stress.

On the other hand, aging is associated with various diseases, many chronic and somehow be companions to death. Therefore, it is common to resort to drugs that serve their purpose but may also have therapeutic or side effects that adversely affect the exercise of a healthy sex life, which is why older women should speak clearly to your doctor to try remedy this situation in the cases that permit and this way achieve a fuller sensual touch.

Importance of the coupleThere is every reason to think that men and women adapt to aging while maintaining interest in their sexuality and consider it a source of satisfaction, but sexual contact may be spaced further apart or change of pace and intensity. The secret formula for achieving this is an open dialogue between partners and finding information to address this situation and to allow the free flow of feelings and expectations together to make decisions about treatment.

The couple should consider that scientific progress has increased in quantity and quality psychotherapeutic therapies that allow older women to find solutions to avoid painful intercourse at the time of intercourse. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with an expert (sexologist), since each case is unique and therefore requires evaluation and care.

No reason to get discouraged if the desire remains, even as there are alternative treatments for those cases where the marital dialogue has been affected. The most important thing is that elderly women put a limit to social pressures and obey their feelings and desires.

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