Seroquel for Management of psychological disorders

Seroquel for Management of psychological disorders

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Anti-depression Meds: An Introduction

Several psychological disorders like depression and schizophrenia can affect the life of a person in several ways. The symptoms of depression include suicidal thoughts, lack of appetite, sleep disorders, lack of interest in daily activities, agitation, restlessness and anxiety. Such symptoms can interfere with the routine activities of a person and can have an adverse effect on his or her personal life and career. It is very important to diagnose these illnesses at the earlier stages so that an appropriate treatment can be started with the help of good antidepressant drugs. Some antidepressant medicines like Seroquel can be very beneficial to patients suffering from psychological disorders. They can help patients in treatment of major depressive disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders and bipolar disorders. These medicines can help patients to get effective relief from the symptoms of these psychological disorders. Therapy with antidepressant drugs should be combined with other modes of treatment like meditation, counseling, family therapy and rehabilitation. The therapy may need to be prolonged over a longer duration as relapse of the condition may occur due to unfavorable circumstances.

Treatment of Depression with Generic Seroquel

Seroquel or its generic Quetiapine is a very good antidepressant drug. It has an action on various chemicals in the brain. It should be noted that the imbalance of these chemicals is responsible for the symptoms of several psychiatric disorders. By taking care of this imbalance of hormones, Seroquel can give effective relief to patients suffering from psychological conditions. It can be effectively used in the treatment of schizophrenia. It can be safely used by patients above the age of 13 years. Seroquel is also commonly used for management of patients suffering from bipolar disorders. The treatment with Seroquel can be combined with other antidepressant drugs for treating major depressive disorders. It is important to mention that Seroquel SR is an extended release tablet of generic Quetiapine and should be used by adult patients only. Seroquel can give effective relief to patients suffering from psychological symptoms like agitation, restlessness and suicidal thoughts.

Generic Seroquel: Usage Instructions, Warnings and Precautions

Seroquel 50 mg tablets should be taken 2-3 times in a day by patients suffering from depression. It can be used along with other antidepressant drugs to treat patients suffering from major depressive disorders. Patients can increase the dose of this medicine gradually over a period of a few days till an adequate response to the medicine is achieved. Patients can take this medicine with or without food. The maximum recommended dose of Seroquel is 800 mg per day. Patients suffering from schizophrenia should take Seroquel in a dose of 25 mg, 2 times in a day. The dose can be increased gradually if no side effects of the drug are observed. Use of Seroquel with some other drugs can cause a few drug interactions. Phenytoin and thioridazine can reduce the absorption of Seroquel in the blood stream. This can cause reduced effectiveness of the drug. Hence, use of these drugs along with Seroquel should be avoided. Also, Seroquel can cause hypotension. Hence, patients using antihypertensive drugs should be careful while taking Seroquel, as it can add to the blood pressure lowering effect of the antihypertensive drug.

Generic Seroquel Dosage and Other Information

Use of Seroquel can cause a few side effects in some patients. The common side effects of this drug are rigidity of muscles, fever, increased sweating, tremors, unconsciousness and blurring of vision. Seroquel is available as tablets of different strengths. It can be purchased in the strengths of 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg, 300 mg and 400 mg. Patients can make effective use of Seroquel for treatment of psychological disorders like schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorders and anxiety disorders.

Patients can buy Seroquel from any local pharmacy. They can also purchase it from any online pharmacy. They should remember that it is easier and cheaper to buy Seroquel online than branded Seroquel.

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